We specialize in the custom import of luxury and super sports cars. Our aim is to provide our customers with top quality and an individual approach in meeting their requirements. Thanks to strong relationships with manufacturers and distributors around the world, we are able to offer a wide range of cars and ensure their fast and trouble-free delivery. Our specialists will take care of all the formal matters related to the importation, from organising all documentation to customs processes. We will make sure the whole process is smooth and without any unnecessary complications.

We also offer a pre-purchase vehicle inspection service. Our experts will carry out a comprehensive inspection of the car to ensure that it is a first-rate and reliable car. We will inspect not only the body and the interior, but also the chassis, brakes, engine and other mechanical parts. We will provide you with a detailed report on the condition of the car and, if necessary, inform you of the costs of repairs or maintenance that could arise in the future. In addition, we will check the history of the car, including the number of owners, servicing history and any potential accidents.

If you have a specific idea of ​​your future car, we will be more than happy to help you choose one."


  • we will select a suitable car according to your specifications
  • we will check it out to make sure everything is in order from the technical and legal point of view
  • we will provide you with financing
  • we will arrange the purchase
  • we will import the car from abroad (container, trailer, ...)
  • we will take care of all the formalities, such as registration inspection, changing the car registration in your name or company
  • we will arrange a favourable insurance
  • you can pick your car up at our showroom, or we will bring it to the address of your choice



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